2019 Isn't Ready For Us

2019 Isn't Ready For Us

It is going to be a big year, huge.

I feel like most people say that every year and for the most part it ends up being as mediocre as the last one. But, you know what? Kevin and I aren’t most people. And we certainly don’t put up with mediocrity. So yes, this year *is* going to be huge.

However, since we are the humblest people to ever walk the face of the earth, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a minute to look back on last year.


In 2018:

  • We reached even more people on this amazing Island and shared our dream with them
  • We grew our store with new products and new designs
  • We (somehow) graduated College
  • We traveled the world (re: shenanigans in Europe⬇️)


  • We had a lot of (maybe too much) fun
  • And we prepared to make 2019 even freakin’ better

We are so excited to share with you guys our plans for 2019 and we can’t wait to see what you guys think. From a bunch of new videos, to clothing, to even a new brand (cough cough @stateflagco), it’s going to be busy. 

Do us a favor and let us know what you want. You want a video of Kevin making a fool of himself? (I do) You want a certain T-Shirt design? You need a 1000 hats for your Aunt’s Boyfriend’s Cousin’s Best Friend’s wedding? E. M. A. I. L.  US. Spam Us. Inundate Us with emails. 

Do it. It’s right there. Do it. You know you want to.


In all seriousness, we wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of our stone-cold hearts. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. The love that Long Island has shown us these past two years has been incredible, and we can’t thank you enough.


We’re psyched that we're doing 2019 with you guys.




Ben and Kev

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