Guess who's back?

Guess who's back?


It's me. @wetandnauti. It's us. @lococarman x @wetandnauti. It's Locals Only LI.

It's time to get weird people... Summer 2k19 is over, we just got back from burying it in the graveyard of good times. You know what we learned? A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING

jk, we learned some things that we felt were necessary to pass on to you freaks.

1. Raybans don't float (side note: if you were one of 86 people that Kev threw into the water out on ocean beach, please file your insurance claim in the comments section)

2. Zippys are deadly. if you need more explanation on this, then just leave.

3. The Mets will never fail to let us down

4. You weirdos like to buy hoodies even when its 209 degrees fahrenheit out there

5. the little gremlins that we call Locals Only Ambassadors are almost as weird as us. That's right, I said "almost". None of them have a tattoo of a d-list celebrity from Long Island on their left cheek, (no mom not my face cheek). I'm looking at you Alec Baldwin *winks with both eyes*

Fall iz here so it's time to break out the tuques. that's French Canadian for beanies, you uncultured weenies. (did i mean to rhyme there? no. am I going to keep it? yup.)

Keep your left eye peeled for our new colors and styles dropping sometime next week, or the week after, idk... whenever our astrological advisors say it's time. 

so anyway here's wonderwall


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