The "February can't be over already" Update


I’m sorry… Wasn’t it New Year’s Eve literally last night? What the actual H*CK

Whatever, we’ve been so busy we can’t even keep track of time, it’s fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine, it’s FINE. Barring any mental breakdowns between now and the end of this post, it has been an absolute bananas 8 weeks. We welcomed our first group of Locals Only LI ambassadors, a collection of 28 wonderful little mini Kevin’s and Ben’s, and whatever you call a female Kevin or Ben… Kevinette? Belinda? Idk it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they are amazing, and we can’t wait to get them started spreading #keepitlocal and repping Long Island across the country. (I’m not crying, you’re crying)


And then, just a couple days ago we dropped the pre-order for our first ever CREWNECK 🙀🙀🙀 Yes people, the crewneck, it’s here, it’s incredible, and it’s almost gone. So, if you haven’t grabbed yours yet, then hurry, because honestly it might not be there anymore.


If you missed the crewneck, or if just wasn’t your thing (which, who are we kidding? It’s everyone’s thing) don’t worry, because we have a new flag dropping by the end of the week. Oh, and another piece of clothing this month… and like 5 more flags after that. Listen, I told you we were busy.


And because we hate being sane and having any time to sleep, rest, or breathe; we are starting our video series this season. Shot by us, directed by us, starring us, loved by us. It’s our magnum opus. Can you say, “Oscar 2020”?


If you have ideas for videos, want to dare Kevin and I to get matching tattoos, or want to vent about the Bachelor (it’s crazy I know), email us


ALSO please help us help you help us help you. Do these things and you’ll get a special prize (hint: it’s just my gratitude, but c’mon that’s enough isn’t it):

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Peace, Love, Melatonin,


Ben @wetandnauti


Welcome to Locals Only LI! Long Island's Premiere Lifestyle Company. Whether it is about #keepitlocal or It's an Island Thing, we love both. We are not an apparel company, this isn't about selling clothing. We craft a lifestyle, a local experience. This is our vision, this is Locals Only LI.

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